Anak Muda Semua Bangsa, Ayuh Kita Lawan Tetap Lawan !!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Rakyat Malaysia sekalian, masa yang kita nanti-nantikan telah pun tiba di negara kita yang dicintai. Malang tidak berbau, kemiskinan tidak berakhir, rakyat tidak diutamakan, dan nyawa tidak terjamin. Maruah dan masa depan rakyat Malaysia mesti kita pertahankan , biar lambat asalkan berjaya! Pru13 Milik Anak Muda!!

Today, we have seen the rise of the people of Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and other countries.

Today,unemployment, unreachable justice, sky-rocketed food and other prices, poverty, heinous crimes, corruption ,racial disparity, more and more ludicrous and absurd policies are making Malaysian frustrating and desperate.

Today,the time has come for us to unite regardless of racial, custom,ages, tradition and social background to stand up and follow the footstep of revolution by marking an end for notorious Barisan Nasional 's ruling.

This is due to,

We WANT to ensure our people to have a wealth livelihood, zero unemployment and poverty in this country, our economic is free from overwhelming debt and a develop nation.

We WANT to ensure our people have the ability to survive in the current inflation circumstance and our children to receive their education by not turning them into innocent white mouse.

We WANT to ensure equality and just in all aspect and economic cake without marginalize and causing disparity among racial in this country.

We WANT to ensure justice prevail and taking stern action against corruption and cronies.
We WANT to ensure our government machinery,electoral, judiciary,military, education and other crucial system to be neutral, independent and free of intervention.

We WANT to reclaim our autonomy, freedom in speech, cyber world, peaceful protest and basic right.
We WANT.........we WANT......WANT.........a lot of we WANT all we WANT will come to reality in this country by PEACEFUL n DEMOCRACY avenue.

何谓改革? 何谓革命?一个国家需要先改革,抑或是先革命?由古至今,这世界上的每个国家,每个角落,都发生过了许许多多,大大小小,肉血筑墙的革命! 我们有远至历史悠久的中国革命,或是近代的天鹅绒革命,玫瑰革命,栗子花革命,紫色革命,雪松革命,郁金香革命,袈裟革命,甚至是如今受茉莉花革命影响的 埃及与也门革命!


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